24 March 2016


My generation is referred to as 'the perfect generation', because of our strive for perfection. I had my moment of realisation that this is a very true statement as I sat on the plane writing down my to do-list for my three and a half weeks back in Norway. During my time home I’ve planned to

Plan a small gathering of friends
Horse riding
Work out
Get tan (artificially, kind of)
Start a new diet/get healthy
Go through my finance
Do my school work
Find dates for future travels
Plan purchases for a weekend in Copenhagen
Get some essential to do-s ticked off
Apply for jobs
Read 2 books

...and of course have fun.

Our generation is very hard working, which I do think is a good thing. However, when I look at my ridiculous to do-list for my three weeks home, I made myself quite a few ridiculous tasks. I keep over-planning everything. I’m stuck now thinking about what to wear in four days, because the next three days are planned already.

‘The perfect generation’...
Our 19 year old self does not need to know what we want in life. We do have time to slack off for a bit. We choose not to, it seems. I hope that, in a few years, I’ll look back at these days and remember wandering around my town at 1am or putting a smile on someone’s face, rather than finally checking 50 tasks off my to do-list.

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