17 March 2016


I know that by writing this, and being provoked by this, I'm doing exactly what I want the media not to do, and that is giving Anders Behring Breivik attention.

Ever since 22nd July 2011, I've had one thought at the mention of his name, and that is do not give this man what he wants. In this case; media attention. Of course, this incident is important to cover, and my personal opinion is that the Norwegian people handlet it well. The entire population came together, and showed compassion and solidarity. It is important to remember the lost souls from Ut√łya, but this man has expressed his need for media coverage. And he keeps on getting it.

I believe that the media play such an important role in society, that even though his actions and complaints might make up a good news story, they should not run with it. We know that he has access to news, and I don't doubt, even for a split second, that nothing gives him more joy than reading his name in the news. Him complaining about prison, that it apparently violates human rights... I'm sorry, but complaining about human rights when you killed 77 people, does not make sense. His greeting in court is a call for attention, and he keeps getting it. He will read about this in the news, and he will be pleased. And the media will keep writing about him...

The least we can do is not to fulfill this wish.

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