16 August 2016


Little update from London. The past two weeks have been spent getting used to the flat, and wandering around. Jade, Laura and I spent some hours of one day in the park, drinking VKs in the sun and talking about life. Another day was spent walking around Holland Park. A woman asked us if there was an event that day because of all the people playing Pokemon Go (apparently there's a gym or pokestop in Holland Park). One day was spent watching two films, a season of Girls, and a few episodes of Orphan Black. Our London plans are never-ending, and I'm having the best time this summer.

Photos taken by the lovely Laura.

5 August 2016


I tried to write about love, but it turned out to be the most cynical thing I’ve written in my life. I wanna try again.

The mysterious phenomenon we’re all seeking. 

I can’t help but be cynical whenever I’m trying to put my thoughts down in words writing about love. I can’t help but feel like we’re all doing something wrong. I’m 19 years old, and I’m witnessing people trying to find love. I just don’t think love can be found.

I’m not saying love don’t exist, but something is wrong when we do everything in our power to find Mr. Right. We think love will be like in movies, but it’s so much more than that. Love is work, and love is respecting the other person enough to be happy with who he/she is. If you’re looking for Noah from The Notebook, I’m sorry to tell you he’s fiction.

We’re so in love with the idea of love, so if we find something that seems like love, we fall deep into it. We seem to forget love takes time, and you may have a million failed relationships before you find the right one. Eventually you’ll find someone to dance around the kitchen with and someone who will kiss your forehead. Maybe you find him at 19, maybe you find him at 32, maybe you find him at 80.

If I learned one thing from being in love, it is that you don’t get anywhere without being able to deal with the tough times. It will be good times and bad times, you’ll just have to find someone who won’t give up on you during the bad times.

Sometimes your heart is a balloon. Someone you love may leave you, and it pops. Just like that. You'll have to blow up a new balloon, and hope this one stay alive for longer...

Now, as I can’t write about love without being really depressing, I want to insert some spoken word poetry. The description says; “This is for everyone in love and for everyone looking for love. None of us should have to wait until we're 85.”

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Photo found on Tumblr.