13 June 2016


In History, we learn about the fights for equality, with racial equality and women’s equality in focus. We might think it’s all been solved, but it hasn’t. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently; what battles will our generation be known to have fought? After yesterday’s situation especially, and after looking at the media before that, it’s quite clear what we should fight for… LGBT equality.

We are lucky live in a society where battles have been fought before us. Although racial and gender equality might not yet have been properly solved, we’re getting there. However, when looking at the media over the previous year or so, we still have a battle to fight for everyone to be treated the same, no matter their sexual orientation. I have been wanting to post something about this for long, but it felt fitting to do it today, the day after the shooting at the LGBT club in Orlando, Florida. 

Some might say this incident occurred because gun laws in the U.S. are not strict enough, and yes, I agree to that. But there’s something else behind this; people who hate people with a different sexual orientation than themselves enough to convince themselves that killing them is ok.

50 people died, 53 people were wounded. All because of their sexual orientation. Our generation have a battle yet to be fought so that incidents like the one the world witnessed yesterday will not happen in the future. We have a battle of respect towards every human being to be fought. We need to show the world that there is no difference between people, no matter what their race is, their gender, or their sexual orientation. We might have been lucky that some battles have been fought before us, but we’ve still got some to fight ourselves.

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